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When choosing your venue and time of day, keep lighting in mind. If your wedding is outdoors, the best light happens well before and well after midday. A couple of hours before sunset is a great time for wedding photography. If your wedding is indoors be mindful of rooms with high dark ceilings and few windows. Since natural light will look much better in your photos, try to plan any indoor photography when the room will be the brightest. Many wedding photographers try to use natural light where possible and although using flash and mobile studio lighting is fine you’ll get a much softer look with natural light.

Speaking of positioning your family, do not always stand them in the center of the picture. Place people to the side of the picture so that you see more of the object they are standing in front of as well as adding more interest to your picture. Placing subjects in the dead center of the shot makes it static – – take several shots with subjects in different positions.

One of the most obvious options for the photo books is the digital book. They are a highly rated gift item that can store the picture memories of a long time. They will allow you to customize the type, style, color and any other are. You can choose the topic of photo that you want to include in the book. For example, you can go for the holiday pictures, family photos etc. You can also customize the cover of the photo book as well.

If available, always try and make sure you get one with a live travel guide, instead of a prerecorded one. Pay attention to where the guide is located on the bus (in good weather, they’re almost always on the top level). Sit as near to them as possible, so whenever there’s a break in their spiel (stuck in traffic, or they just ran out of things to say), feel free to ask them your own questions… Now you have your own personal, local, travel advisor.

( 2 ) Travel mash-up : Combine your own travel stored on Flickr, with news headlines from dig and blog entries from Technorati, tagged with the name of your travel destinations.

Put some time and effort into the display and it suddenly becomes a fantastic gift to give a friend. Clip pictures of the grand kids onto the clothes pins and give to Grandma. Make a different one to show off your vacation pictures. There’s no end to the possibilities!

3) Get out your Christmas tree ornaments early and look them over. Buy new ones if you need them. If you shop early you will get the best deals so try to begin ornament shopping before the month of December even begins.