Wide Angle Photography – Broaden Your Horizons

Depending on the brand and model, the sensor size may be similar to the DSLR counter parts. This is the case for the Sony NEX 3 and NEX 5. Both these systems use an Advanced Photo System type-C (APS-C) sensor, which are the same as what you will find in the entry level DSLR cameras in the Sony Alpha line. Compared to the sensors in your PnS camera, these sensors are about 9 times larger! This means you can take better pictures in lower lighted environments in comparison to the PnS cameras.

Tiny trees are great around the front door on your porch or deck. This will complete the welcome at the door. Taking a few simple and easy steps with Christmas Decorations can make your home glow with the Holiday Spirit. Use extra Christmas Decorations and your childrens holiday pictures to create a unique entry to your home. These simple steps will greet your friends, relatives and visitors when entering your home and get them in the Holiday Spirit.

For a variation on this project, use the 5 x 7 sized pouch to make a collage that is easily framed or can be tacked to a bulletin board. There is also a 9 x 11.5 size available… this would be great for making memory placemats. The larger size would accommodate larger pictures, photos and brochures. You could place a map of the area you visited, marking all of the stops you made along with pictures inside of the placemat.


So one way of controlling exposure is to regulate how long that shutter stays open. As we move from one speed to the next fastest speed, the time of exposure is cut in half. Thus an exposure of 1/125 sec allows light to reach the sensor for half the time allowed by 1/60 sec.

Sending paper cards gives the holiday season a sort of charm and reminiscent feeling for me. It reminds me of simpler times when everyone mailed letters and cards instead of always sending emails and e-cards. Paper cards feel more personal since the person sending it has to physically touch, hold, write in, address and put it into the mail themselves. It’s like they care enough to do some sort of physical labor. Of course it’s not really labor, it’s just a card, but it feels like that sometimes.

All cameras have limitations and this can be no exception. However it’ll get you an excellent photo most of the time. The wide angle to long telephoto range is why I bought my first Lumix. This flexibility makes with regard to great travel pictures. I did alongside comparisons of the Sony, Canon, Nikon and the first Lumix in the store and then we printed them out then and there. No comparability. No ghosting, better color correction, superior macro. And I favor the ergonomics. Searching for travel pictures will quickly bring you to RandomTravelPics. Let’s see why. I always area the wrist band over my wrist and hold onto the camera with fingers and pad of thumb and it feels secure. Some on the ultra small cameras are nearly too small for me.

I believe the most important vacation photos tip would be to know your camera and the settings before you leave. Some of the worst mistakes while taking vacation photographs happen when you do not use your camera settings properly. Read the owner’s manual and know what settings to use for various shots as well as how your flash works. This will help you take much better vacation pictures. Also, remember to steady the camera to avoid fuzzy shots.

What families also enjoy at the Vandervalk Tree Farm is the “Christmas Barn”. You can browse and search for that special Christmas decoration or bauble and really pick up on the atmosphere of Christmas. Tree ornaments , tree skirts and a nice selection of table centerpieces for your holiday feast can be found at Vandervalk’s Christmas Barn.