Weekly Travel Photos (Part Ii): Gaelic Storm, Albuquerque, Nm


In both of these examples, the frame is a silhouette that contrasts with the main subject. In other cases, the frame has its own aesthetic value and would be better rendered in full color. Perhaps what makes the frame interesting is its color of texture. Consider for example such frames as a branch with autumn leaves or a doorway with an interesting design. Make sure, however, that your frame enhances the subject rather than distracting the viewer from the main point of interest.

Even if you feel that you have failed at something, one door closes and another door opens. The secret is to just keep knocking, ringing the bell and sending FedEx packages until the next door opens and someone answers.

There are hundreds of travel videos (DVDs) available at your public library for free. You can buy videos of your favorite places online or in most book stores. You can even put all your travel pictures or home movies on a DVD and watch those. If you are on the fence about RandomTravelpics or any other travel pictures website then you need to research more. It’s great to be able to relive those memories and remember all the places you may have traveled to. There is virtually no limit to the number of places you can visit by travel videos. Let your imagination run wild and see the places you have always dreamed of visiting.

Aperture-is the measurement of the size of the lens opening, (also called f-stop.) This can be compared to having your eye wide open, half closed, or squinting. It controls the amount of light that enters. The greater the f-stop number the less light the sensor receives.

What you shoot is important. You can keep your vacation pictures in your computer file, only pull out the really good photos. You will want to shoot photos of animals, people, landscapes, objects, buildings, and events that a wide variety of media will want to buy.

You can find a lot of links to free cross stitch patterns at this website. As its name implies, this site covers all crafts, but cross stitch is greatly represented. There are free patterns for dragons, angels, Celtic designs, and holiday pictures.

I’m very embarrassed. I rarely go up to people and say, “Hi, that is my work and you look amazing.” I often find myself sitting back and thinking about how can I make that better, what I can take from it that was successful and make it new again. I always review how to make things look, feel and fit better.

Mind movies are the latest rage for the Law of Attraction since The Secret was aired on Oprah. A mind movie is basically a visualization tool that seems to have better results. Visualization is a huge part of the Law of Attraction. Without it, your desires do not have as good of a chance at manifesting. Perhaps you have heard about or have made a vision board, but why not try out this technique?

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