Weekly Travel Photos (Part Ii): Gaelic Storm, Albuquerque, Nm

This camera isn’t perfect and no camera will ever be. It would nice to acquire a more powerful flash and nice in case you could shoot in lower light with less noise without flash and it will be nice whenever it had a 20X optical zoom and a faster lens but pertaining to what it truly is its an amazing piece of engineering. AND don’t forget the Leica lens which is just plain beautiful.

River Bend currently raises Gotland and Shetland sheep and is the largest Gotland breeder on the East Coast. The farm has an open door policy, that means you can visit, and Shelley gets lots of visitors: families doing holiday pictures, Boys’ and Girls’ Club groups, so call Shelley to set up a time to visit for your spinning or knitting group.

Uploading to these sties is done in three different ways. Most stock photography sites will have a simple web upload form. This is the most common way. You just simply browse and upload from your computer. Some of the sites will want you to use the ActiveX/Java uploading system. If you don’t have these applications you can download them from your web browser. The third way is to use the FTP ( File Transfer Protocol )software. This is the easiest way as all you need to do is drag and drop your files from your computer to their server. The most popular FTP is Filezilla. This can also be downloaded from the web.

There is a world of opportunity for you here with so many different avenues you go into. I was looking for travel pictures on the web and randomtravelpics.com and hundreds of others popped up. You can choose to work strictly from home with your own little studio setup, or you can take your photography on the road and take travel pictures. It is your photography business, your freedom to choose!

Once your vacation pictures are sorted by year you can then purchase small photo albums to display these. You can write on the front when and where the vacation was. Having each vacation in separate albums make it easy to grab and show off your vacation pictures.

If there’s a lot of empty space at the bottom of your photo, your image might benefit from a bottom frame, for example flowers or other items that add some interest to the foreground.

What families also enjoy at the Vandervalk Tree Farm is the “Christmas Barn”. You can browse and search for that special Christmas decoration or bauble and really pick up on the atmosphere of Christmas. Tree ornaments , tree skirts and a nice selection of table centerpieces for your holiday feast can be found at Vandervalk’s Christmas Barn.


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