The 2011 Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show

You need a camera. Digital cameras are really nice to have because you can save so much money on the developing, and you can take lots of pictures and then decide which ones to keep; plus the view-finder on a digital is nice. They are not necessary though. There have been times that I forgot my camera, so I went to a local store and bought a disposable. They take good pictures; especially if you follow these tips.

There is a world of opportunity for you here with so many different avenues you go into. You can choose to work strictly from home with your own little studio setup, or you can take your photography on the road and take travel. It is your photography business, your freedom to choose!

What you shoot is important. You can keep your vacation pictures in your computer file, only pull out the really good photos. You will want to shoot photos of animals, people, landscapes, objects, buildings, and events that a wide variety of media will want to buy.

Want to get in on the local flavor? Try sitting in on the Friday night drum circles downtown at Pritchard Park. Attendance is free and fun is mandatory. There is almost always a festival going on somewhere nearby. Belle Cher is the largest. It is held the last weekend of July every year. This massive party features hundreds of musical acts. The city closes over twenty downtown blocks to showcase the event. There are rides, crafts, music and thrills in abundance. It gives visitors a chance to interact with Asheville’s unique residents.

There are lots of choices to make at the Sleighbell Tree Farm. First you have your choice of many fir, pine and spruce trees . Second you can choose to select and cut your own tree. Saws are provided. Or you may decide to pick out a pre cut tree. All trees are priced at . Finally you have your choice what else you might like to enjoy while at the Sleighbell Tree Farm. You can enjoy a walk by the family owned spring fed pond and check out the ducks , take some holiday pictures in an antique sled or spend some time browsing in the Gift Barn.

Taj Mahal. The symbol for India, a monument of love for the wife of Emperor Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, Mumtaz Mahal. The amazing architectural look of the structure made it a tourist spot in the country. Producing it on photo prints especially in large copies displays the beauty of the structure.

If available, always try and make sure you get one with a live travel guide, instead of a prerecorded one. Pay attention to where the guide is located on the bus (in good weather, they’re almost always on the top level). Sit as near to them as possible, so whenever there’s a break in their spiel (stuck in traffic, or they just ran out of things to say), feel free to ask them your own questions… Now you have your own personal, local, travel pictures advisor.