Monkeys In Chiang Mai Thailand

This slide show contains pictures of some of the monkeys in Chiang Mai Thailand. At the Monkey Center in Chiang Mai, the monkeys are domesticated and trained to do various tasks and tricks. The first picture shows a monkey holding a piece of fruit it received from a tourist. The next picture shows another monkey peeling some fruit and then eating it. Some of the monkeys are kept in small cages when they are still being trained. Some other monkeys have been trained to climb coconut trees to retrieve coconuts. Some of the more creative tricks that the monkeys have been taught include weightlifting, playing basketball (including slam dunking!) and riding a tricycle. The monkeys are even available for photos after the show.

Here is an excerpt from the Chiang Mai Monkey Centre:
“In the south of Thailand its not uncommon to see pickup trucks loaded with workers heading to work at one of the various types of farms and plantations. Look closer and you may notice that one of the occupants is actually a monkey. He will be going to work just like the rest of the crew and will most likely be helping his owner by shimmying up trees to pick coconuts or fruit. He’s more than just a pet he’s part of the family and will be treated like any other family-member by eating meals with them and sleeping in their house.”