How To Take Great Travel Photos

One thing to remember is that you don’t need to restrict yourself to only one photo per object. My newspaper editors always wanted me to take lots of pictures. That way, they had a better chance of finding one that was worthy of publication.

There are special markers that can write on car windows and other class surfaces that can later be removed. You can buy green, red or yellow window markers and write “Merry Christmas” on the back of your car window and/or draw holiday pictures such as a Christmas tree, light strands, ornaments, Santa, etc. When you are drawing pictures or writing a message, be sure to do it in low or high areas of your back window so you can still see while driving because safety should always come first. You can buy a red window marker from for .69.

If you think about it, a collage picture frame saves you a lot money and gives you more for your dollar. With your new collage picture frames you can display all those photos you enjoy without buying a separate frame for each one.

Use your social networking sites, like Facebook, Myspace, & Twitter to browse through your friend’s travel pictures to get great idea of what they did and talk to them about their trip. So let’s look at randomtravelpics and how it relates to travel pictures. See if they have any recommendations of what to and not to do on your trip. Your friends and their experience could help you since they know what you like.

Use your focus-lock to your full advantage. Many cameras are set up to focus on whatever is in the middle of the frame. If your subject happens to be off-center, you have to set up your camera so it will focus on the right object. You can do this on some cameras by half depressing the shutter with your subject centered and then slowly move until it is in the frame the way you want it. Once it is framed, press the shutter button all the way down, and you will have the photo you want.

Put some time and effort into the display and it suddenly becomes a fantastic gift to give a friend. Clip pictures of the grand kids onto the clothes pins and give to Grandma. Make a different one to show off your vacation pictures. There’s no end to the possibilities!

Get double prints of all of your pictures. With my scrapbooking projects, I like to cut up my pictures and create collages along with using stickers and other accents. This way, you will have two copies of all of your shots just in case you have a mishap with the scissors or glue!

At any craft store you’ll find miniature clothes pins that are perfect for holding your photos. Glue the clothes pins onto the dowel leaving spaces between them. Glue some of the pins facing to the right and some facing the opposite direction. This way, you can display photos down each side of the dowel rod.

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