How To Plan A Vacation

There are three things that determine the actual exposure: the shutter speed you set on the camera body, the aperture you use on the lens and the ISO, the type of film you use or in a digital camera the sensitivity of the sensor to light. These three variables work in the doubles and half progression of stop increments and all three are related to each other.

There are hundreds of travel videos (DVDs) available at your public library for free. You can buy videos of your favorite places online or in most book stores. You can even put all your travel pictures or home movies on a DVD and watch those. Sure, you may find way more travel pictures information than and I encourage you to search. It’s great to be able to relive those memories and remember all the places you may have traveled to. There is virtually no limit to the number of places you can visit by travel videos. Let your imagination run wild and see the places you have always dreamed of visiting.

Tap into your happy childhood. Go through your old photos when you were a carefree kid excited about the holidays. Use a color copier and to enlarge them to 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20 mini posters for decorations. You can put them in inexpensive plastic box or clip frames. If you have old holiday pictures of friends and family who will be coming to visit you, make some fun mini posters of them too. Think of how good that will make them feel to see themselves in your home.

I know that the first time that I went down the scrapbooking supplies aisle at my local craft store, I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices of paper, stickers, ribbons, and glitter. But, just take a deep breathe and peruse the aisles first to get your bearings. Go in with a general theme of how you want your scrapbook to look. For me, my first project was from my to Washington D.C. I began looking for as many patriotic accessories that they had.

Get double prints of all of your pictures. With my scrapbooking projects, I like to cut up my pictures and create collages along with using stickers and other accents. This way, you will have two copies of all of your shots just in case you have a mishap with the scissors or glue!

12. Organizing vacation pictures if you are an avid snapper, data-loggers are a great way to organize your holiday photographs as they can sync with your camera and add a precise position and time to each picture.

On the opposite end of the spectrum I’ve had unhappy parents because I taught about the brutality shown by Native American tribes to both the settlers and to other tribes.

For the really adventurous at heart, that feel lucky, you could test your luck in one or both of the two casinos to be found here. There is one on Cable Beach and another one at the Atlantis resort on close by Paradise Island.