getting vacation Shots That Is Great


With all those empty boxes and empty Christmas gift wrap tubes, your children have all the right ingredients for building a rocket ship, race car, or a train. Haul out the stapler and felt markers, and let the kids have some fun creating an imaginary space ship from all that cardboard.

Want to read some of the bestseller books but just don’t have time to sit down and read. Why not listen to those books while you are working out. These audio books are professionally narrated by speakers who can tell a great story and they even change their voices for each character in the book. Reading is a wonderful activity but if you don’t have the time, multi tasking while you do your workout and listening to an audio book is a very good solution.

Overjoyed at the interest being shown in you (“They like me! They really like me!”) you rapidly proceed to share the heartwarming story that led you into this line of work, what you used to do and how dreadful that was, the nice way you have your office set up, maybe drop a gossip bomb or two, and pretty soon you’re whipping out the vacation pictures. It’s all about you, you, you. At the very least, you figure they’ll like you and you consider that a victory.

Wrapping paper. One of the biggest wastes for Christmas is that of expensive wrapping paper and ribbon. Did you ever wonder, why wrapping paper is always a bargain after the holidays? It costs stores more to store it, than it does on the profit they make. Go to decorative store boxes with a simple ribbon it. I know you are thinking, “Well the stores logo is on the box.” This is true. However, the logo is on the item anyway. Another idea is to use newspaper or large magazine sheets for smaller gifts. My mother always used the funny section, because of it’s color. Using a magazine page is challenging. However, if you can find the ones with holiday pictures, you can make a gift look great.

Another travel photo guideline this is important is to remember to look at what is behind the people in your picture. Wives do not think it is funny when their husbands show of the picture of the flagpole coming out of her head. Take a minute to look at the background and notice how it blends with the foreground of your picture. The exception to this is when you want to have a bird appear to be sitting on your daughter’s head. Look for interesting shots – – rather than just placing your family in front of the large spaceship have them stand with their hands in the air so that it appears they are holding it up or standing behind it leaning to the side as if it is blowing them over.

Are you a world traveler? Or do you just love to learn about new places when you get the chance to get away? I was looking for travel pictures on the web and RandomTravelPics and hundreds of others popped up. Either way you probably have some fantastic travel pictures that you have taken along the way. Why are those just sitting in a book or on your computer when you could be showing them off? Displaying some of your great travel pictures in your living room will not only add color and interest to this space, but will also tell your guests a little more about you.

EZ Pass: This EZ Pass (1) thing is a real bugger. If you’re going into traffic especially around Thanksgiving you’re going to be dealing with some major congestion at the toll roads. Do yourself a favor and get that EZ Pass early and you’ll be breezing through all the tolls which accept that same technology.

A day trip to Wilmington, NC and you’ll be visiting the locale for A Walk to Remember staring Mandy Moore filmed there in 2002. Kiss the Girls was the 1997 action packed thriller staring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd filmed in nearby Durham, NC. James Garner was close by in 2004 when he filmed The Notebook in Seabrook Island, SC and in 2003 Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding, Jr. were in Anderson, SC filming Radio. You’ll find these locations and many more via Blockbuster’s website. There are over 367 movies to choose from.