Getting Great Trip Shots

Tip # 10 – Learn how to use the self-timer system and get into some of the pictures as well. Remember to place the camera on a tripod or stable surface and align it for the setting chosen for the photograph. Keep the background uncluttered, plan your position in the picture and watch your step when run for your spot.

Visit your homepage everyday. Besides your profile page in facebook, you also have a homepage. You homepage displays collaborative news feeds of all your friends, event and group invitations, friendship requests, friends’ birthdays, etc. If you want to know what is going on in your Facebook friend circle, visit your homepage everyday.

1) Choose 12 photos that you think are worthy of your calendar. Try to choose photos that are special to the person you’re giving the calendar to. These can be snapshots of the two of you together, family photos, vacation pictures, or even photos of some of their favorite things. You can even choose a theme for the calendar and try to find photos that are in line with the chosen theme like “Jamie’s Favorite Things” and choose random photos 12 things that the person loves. If the calendar is going to be a birthday gift, for example, the theme can be “12 years of Birthdays” and you can include 12 different photos throughout the years of the person on their special day.

Whether you spend your holidays with family or travel to exotic places these photography tips will help you capture each moment. The beautiful photographs you create can be shared with pride for many years. So enjoy your holiday experiences and take lots of pictures.

In Facebook, you have to have a picture. Never ever show pictures of yourself showing off those bulging biceps or six pack abs. Examples of great pictures would be you with some women. You also need to post pictures of you with some of your friends. Again, no pictures of you drunk with your friends doing all sorts of stupid things. A picture of you doing sports is also great, such as sky diving, bungee jumping or other exciting sports. travelling are also great as it will boost your value in more ways than you can imagine.

9) Have holiday pictures taken now. Do not wait until the last of November for holiday pictures. All the major department store and professional photographers are prepared to take holiday photos early so be sure to get them done early. There is nothing wrong with dressing up for the holidays in October and having those pictures done.

You need a camera. Digital cameras are really nice to have because you can save so much money on the developing, and you can take lots of pictures and then decide which ones to keep; plus the view-finder on a digital is nice. They are not necessary though. There have been times that I forgot my camera, so I went to a local store and bought a disposable. They take good pictures; especially if you follow these tips.

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