Chiang Mai, Thailand ATV Tour Part 4 of 4

**WARNING** I did this tour almost 10 years ago. As of the writing of this article [11 Nov 2013], the company has been getting bad reviews for tour quality, price gouging, and poorly maintained vehicles in dangerous conditions. Please do your due diligence before selecting an ATV Tour provider in Chiang Mai.

The video above is the fourth and final video in my four part slideshow series on the ATV Tour we took in Chiang Mai Thailand. The first slide shows some of the wooden huts that some of the farmers lived in. We were able to pass by many farms and saw many huts similar to these. The next picture shows some of the farmers tending to some of the crops. One of them waved hello as we were passing by and taking pictures. The next picture in the slideshow shows one of the farmers riding an elephant. In my earlier slide show showing elephants in Thailand, there were saddles on the backs of the elephants to make it easier for tourists to ride on their backs. In this picture you can see that the farmers did not need to use saddles to ride on the backs of the elephants. Watch the rest of the slideshow to see more.