Chiang Mai, Thailand ATV Tour Part 3 of 4

**WARNING** I did this tour almost 10 years ago. As of the writing of this article [03 Nov 2013], the company has been getting bad reviews for tour quality, price gouging, and poorly maintained vehicles in dangerous conditions. Please do your due diligence before selecting an ATV Tour provider in Chiang Mai.

The video above is the third in my four part slideshow series on the ATV Tour we took in Chiang Mai Thailand. The first slide shows one of our tour guides doing a final status check before starting on our tour. We had to line up all of the ATV’s so we could keep track of everyone before we got going. The next slide shows some of the landscape that we saw as we were driving around some of the jungle areas in Chiang Mai. The slide after that shows our caravan of ATV’s driving down a dirt road approaching a small village in a more remote area of Chiang Mai. There is another jungle landscape slide afterwards that shows the view from the small village. After that, there are a few slides that show some of the wooden houses and huts that the villagers live in. Some of the homes are built up on stilts due to flooding during the rainy season.