Chiang Mai, Thailand ATV Tour Part 2 of 4

**WARNING** I did this tour almost 10 years ago. As of the writing of this article [27 Oct 2013], the company has been getting bad reviews for tour quality, price gouging, and poorly maintained vehicles in dangerous conditions. Please do your due diligence before selecting an ATV Tour provider in Chiang Mai.

The video above is part 2 of the 4 part slide show series showing pictures taken on our ATV tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The first picture in the slideshow shows a small hut made from wood that one of the local farmers lives in. The next picture in the slide show shows a small lake on the right next to the small hut. The water in the lake was probably used for irrigation as you can see some of the ground next to the lake was dug up, most likely for planting more crops. The next few slides show some of the plant life around the lake as well as along the route that we took during our ATV tour. The slide show also has a picture of our ATV convoy making a stop in the middle of the jungle so that our tour guides could do an equipment check. There were multiple stops taken along the trail so there were plenty of opportunities for pictures.