Chiang Mai, Thailand ATV Tour Part 1 of 4

**WARNING** I did this tour almost 10 years ago. As of the writing of this article [20 Oct 2013], the company has been getting bad reviews for tour quality, price gouging, and poorly maintained vehicles in dangerous conditions. Please do your due diligence before selecting an ATV Tour provider in Chiang Mai.

The video above is the first of my four part slideshow series of pictures taken while riding an All Terrain Vehicle(ATV) through Chiang Mai Thailand. The first picture in the slideshow shows one of the ATV’s that was on display on the showroom floor. It was similar to one of the vehicles that we eventually were allowed to ride in. The next couple pictures in the slide show series shows some of the views of nature and farmland that we saw while riding the ATV’s through the jungles of Chiang Mai. One of the things that makes this experience unique is that we were able to see the small farms and homes/huts that the local Thai’s live in outside of the big cities. There are also clips in the slide show that show the jungle and vegetation that we were able to drive through as well as the small unpaved dirt trails that we took our ATV’s on.